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With years of experience and excellent knowledge, Shellix has become a superior provider of business consulting, solution design and prototyping, solution implemantation and enablement. Here is a small list of our expertise on digital transformation.

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Strategy & Transformation

We offer strategic advice at executive level to make sure your business is ready for these times of constant change.

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Operation & Supply Chain

We help you define your digital product & operations strategies, apply state-of-the-art technology and build your digital factories.

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Innovation & PLM

Our approach starts with our clients: we support your individual journey and experience, embracing digitization and data to optimize your services, innovation and product portfolio.

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Technology Consulting

If you want to develop an effective, efficient solution, you need to set clear goals from the start. Discover how we can combine your vision and our time-tested expertise to steer your solution in the right direction.

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Platform assessment

Platform assessment is the cornerstone of many IoT solutions. Let us help you pick the right platform to yield economic and performance benefits for your organization

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We work with you to create solution prototypes, applying a fail-fast approach that ensures the most efficient possible route forward.

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UX/UI design

When you are working with vast quantities of complex industrial data, visualization is key to make these data sets approachable and intuitive for people.

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Solution Architecture

Let us define and design the solution your enterprise needs to tackle today’s evolving challenges and meet emerging business requirements.

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Roll-out at scale

We help you ensure you have the right procedures in place to enjoy continuous, straightforward and powerful management capabilities, even with complex systems, assets and services.

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System ıntegratıon

Let us work together to harness the power of your combined IT and OT data, equipping you with the tools you need to generate accurate predictions, make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

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Change menagement

No matter if your goal is to roll out certain changes within a project or if you aim at a fundamental digital transformation, the right change management approach is always crucial for the success. We custom-fit the change management to your requirements.

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As networked digital devices become ubiquitous and the amount of data collected grows, so does the number of vulnerabilities that can leave your company exposed to hackers. We can work with you to ensure your data is protected from bad actors and negligence, equipping you with the necessary tools and services to shield your valuable information and allow you to continue growing your business on solid foundations.

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Delivery & ımplementation

Your company needs to know where to begin its digital journey and how to leverage the power of incoming data – without the right focus, costs can begin to mount, threatening to jeopardize any project.

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